Frequently Asked Questions



1. “Q” Is this true?  (taken from a competitor's advertisement)


*8. The technician or apprentice must reside within the normally accepted commuting area of the licensed business office or work location.*

(That means you must live in the city (or close to it) that the company that holds 

your license exists. No single location company can offer to serve all of Texas).

“A” NO. 

The words with the * next to them are from TDA the other information in “(parentheses)” are made up by someone but not by TDA.

In the English language WORDS MEAN THINGS and the words that are used by TDA DO NOT say that the work location is the main business office, it says “or Work Location”. The TDA has regulations and rules, the key wording in this rule is “or WORK LOCATION”, the work location for the technician is where he / she is doing the inspection.

2. “Q” While working under Pest Inspection Network or “PIN”, can I treat the homes for conducive conditions or active Termites that I inspect?

“A” NO. 

While under PIN you are not allowed to use any type of chemical or treatment on any property other than your own. As a home inspector licensed under TREC treating a client’s home would be considered a conflict of interest. In other words, if you find it, and report it in your report, neither you or anyone employed by the same company you work for can treat that property either for FREE or for PAY.

3. “Q” Is it true that as a Technician I must come to the main office once every week for supervision?

“A” NO

TDA requires that your RCA (Registered Certified Applicator) must be available for and physically present for supervision as needed at least once per week. But nowhere in the TDA rules does it say that the RCA and the Technician need to be in the same room (that’s why we have modern technology like video chat on our phones).

4. “Q” As an inspector under you do I need to use “Your software” for my reports?

“A” NO.

At PIN we do not require you to use any software.

5. "Q" When do i need to send my reports to you


Every week preferably at the same time you send it to your client.