how to become a termite inspector in texas
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How to become a termite inspector in Texas


Did you know that the average price for a Termite (WDI) inspection in Texas is $105.00? That’s right, depending on your area the Termite inspection price can very from $65.00 to as much as $250.00 on a home under 3000 square feet and the price goes up from there! So why leave that money on the table?  Your clients will pay even more if they only need to pay one company and don’t need to wait for the report! Join our team NOW and start putting that money in your pocket!!

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How to become a termite inspector in Texas! Be the Knowledgeable Home Inspection Expert that has the services the client wants.


 Whether you are a licensed Technician or a home inspector that wants to make more money in your business and you want to know  How to become a termite inspector in Texas 

We're here to help. 

If you are wanting to get your license to do WDI (Termite) inspections, we will guide you through the process. If you have your license already then all you need to do is transfer your license to us and join our team today.

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 Our pricing is simple;

 New Technicians (includes training and licensing with TDA) $700.00 training and license fee (one time charge) plus $15.00  (plus TAX) per report. (Classes and study materials $545.00, Initial TDA License Fee $125.00,  administrative Fee and materials $30.00 (Decals, Stickers, and other  literature))

We even cover your insurance!

ALL FOR ONLY $700.00


 **(Does NOT include annual TDA license fee of $125.00 in April of every year)** 

  (License renewal will be billed in April of every year)  

Already a Technician? --Transfer your license -- TODAY FOR FREE


All you need to do is fill out a form and we do the rest. 

You only pay $15.00 per report. 

(That should make you happy)

That's a 25% savings over some of the other sponsors out there.

If you've been paying more than that, then YOU SHOULD transfer TODAY!

It won't cost you a thing.

We don't charge you in advance and we don't make you use our software.

You own your business and you should run it YOUR WAY.

**(Does NOT include annual TDA license fee of $125.00)**

 (License renewal will be billed in April of every year) 

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