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How to become a termite inspector in Texas

Additional Information on How to become a termite inspector in Texas

At Pest Inspection Network or PIN, we like to keep it simple, we offer training (at a cost) however as long as you keep up with your CE’s, and we will help you with that, and you keep us in the loop on your inspections, IE: send us your reports, it will all go great.

Becoming an inspector is simple, just take a few classes, 1 - 8 hour class (by A&M), 20 hours self study and 40 hours OJT (OJT comes mostly from your home inspections) then you take a 50-question test (you pay for that, $64) and in about a month from start to finish you will have your license and will be adding $$ to your Home Inspections.

The cost for all this is $750.00.

We pay the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) license fee, the A&M class fee and we supply you with all the study materials you could ever want and we will supply you with 20 stickers for under the counter (to get you started while you create your own stickers) and one (1) set of TPCL decals for your truck or car.

You charge what ever you want for your inspections we get $15.00 plus tax on each report you write, the rest is yours.  (every report you write we get a copy of)

We will bill you once per week on the reports you have sent us for the week before, 


We accept Check or Credit Card your choice.

If you chose to join are team, please fill out the forms in the link below and send them back to us. We will be in contact with you for all the small details.

We hope this answers most of your questions, if not please give us a call.

We look forward to having you as a partner.



How to become a termite inspector in Texas

 Please download the forms, fill them out and E-Mail the finished forms to:  Info@PestInspectionNetwork.com